What is MobileConnect?

MobileConnect is a primary research app developed to track app Mobile. Instead of boring you with long questionnaires and asking you to remember things that you did on your phone, the app does all the work in the background and provides us with all data on what you did on your phone.

What all is tracked through the app? Will it read through my messages or see my pictures?

While the MobileConnect app will see which apps are used, it will not see what you are doing within the app specifically. For example, it would be able to see when you are sending a text message or making a phone call, but it will not read your text messages or record your phone calls; it will be able to see when you are using your banking app, but will not read your banking or private information.

The app collects data related to the usage of your device and does not collect any personal information like usernames, passwords or other secure information.

Additionally all the data collected is anonymised and aggregated along with others participating members based on demographics like age, gender etc. The personal information asked such as age, gender, phone number would not be provided to anyone else and are strictly used to qualify and segment users. We may also use these to communicate with you.

We do not share any personally identifiable information with any third party.

How do I know if the MobileConnect app is working? Do I need to keep it on all time?

MobileConnect is so designed that once installed it works in the background and needs no intervention from your end. Since this uses a VPN it needs to be connected to the internet and one simple way to check is the KEY logo on the top of the screen. If it is not visible then you need to reconnect again.

How do I install MobileConnect App?

Click here to view entire flow chart.

How do I redeem my reward points?

You can redeem all your reward points at any given point in time, provided minimum points accrued till then is equal to or more than 2000. The redemption can be done in the form digital vouchers for the below mentioned entities.

1. Only
2. Satya Paul
3. Baskin Robbins
4. Bata
5. Croma
6. TGI Friday
7. Jabong
8. Levi's
9. Marks & Spencer
10. Pizza Hut
11. Myntra
12. Vero Moda
13. United Colors of Benetton
14. BigBasket
15. BookMyShow
16. Domino's Pizza
17. Flipkart
18. Jack & Jones

VPN Related

What is a VPN and why is it required?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secured network channel between your device and MobileConnect servers. MobileConnect's network level security mandates a VPN so that the traffic can pass through our scanners and filters to ensure that it is secured and not open to anyone else.

What does the MobileConnect icon on the notification bar indicate?

A live VPN service is indicated by the key icon on your notifications pane. The MobileConnect icon on the notification bar along with the VPN key icon indicates protection ON. If either of the two displays i.e., "MobileConnect icon" or "VPN key icon" is missing, then it means that MobileConnect is paused/not running. Please re-enable the VPN within the app in such situations and if the problem still persists then contact our support team.

Trouble Shooting

I am not able to connect to MobileConnect?

a) Check your Internet connection. MobileConnect is OFF if Internet is disabled.
b) Open the app, disable and then re-enable protection. One might be asked to reinstall the VPN certificate here.
c) If MobileConnect is still not enabled, please email our support team using the 'Contact Us' tab.

How do I pause the service?

You can disable the service by tapping:
a) The "Disable protection" button on the home screen
b) The VPN indicator on the notification bar and selecting "Disconnect"

How do I restart the service?

You can restart the service by clicking on the "Enable Protection" button on MobileConnect app home screen.

How do I uninstall MobileConnect?

In order to uninstall MobileConnect, in addition to deleting the app from your phone, you will also have to delete the VPN profile by following the steps mentioned below:
Go to device Settings -> Personal -> Security -> Trusted credentials -> USER tab. On some Android device the path may be: Settings -> Privacy -> Trusted credentials -> USER tab.
Select "MobileConnect", click on "Remove" button (Scroll down the certificate, if button is not visible) and click "OK" to delete the MobileConnect certificate.
Andoid devices may differ in terms of location for this certificate, mail us at support@mobileconnectpanel.com in case of an issue.


How is the privacy of my data ensured?

In addition to mobile data security, user privacy is the cornerstone of the MobileConnect offering. At each level, we ensure that the data is anonymized and no one (including us) can trace the actual user from his data. Please read the full text on our Privacy Policy here.


For any questions that is related to the app and the service and not answered here, please send in a mail to support@mobileconnectpanel.com